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How soon can we get married?

Unless you have exceptional circumstances*, you must lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), no later than one month before your wedding date.
*See Resources

My identification documents are not in English. Will they still be ok?

Any official documents not in English will need to be translated by an Australian accredited translator. *
See NAATI in ‘Resources’

I don't think we can write our own vows, what will we say?

I will provide plenty of guidance, templates and examples - even a little quiz to help you prepare  your vows. Or, with your input, I can write them for you.

We don't want our ceremony in a church with a priest, but our parents would still like some prayers included. Can we?

We can choose any readings or prayers you wish. You can invite a family member or friend to read them.


The Attorney General's Department

* Getting Married in Australia

* The Celebrant Code of Practice

* Notice of Intended Marriage

* The Marriage Act (Aust)


NAATI is the national standards and certifying body for translators and interpreters in Australia

The Celebrant's Network (Australia)

Access to ceremony resources and services.

Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants (AFCC)

Access to ceremony resources and services.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

NBCF is Australia's leading national body funding breast cancer research.

Albany Pride

The LGBTQIA+ organisation for people in the Great Southern.

The above links will take you to external websites.

Ali, Your Celebrant

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