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About Me

Why choose me as your celebrant?

Because I'll listen, and help you decide what you want for your ceremony – and what you don’t want. Who’s important - special people, special times, wild stories, sad stories.

I will say it, do it, play it, however you want 

surrounded by the people you love.

I've worked in hospitality, management, tourism, training, country pubs and corporate business.

I am a proud Community Ambassador and speaker for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and I support my community and our environment in any way I can.

Some people have a black belt in martial arts, others in shopping! My friends say I've got a black belt in organising people and a celebration.


**By the way, that's me on the right at my wedding to my darling wife Jude - we've been together for 18 years and were married in March 2019 - one of our happiest days yet.

douible rainbow over forest.jpg

I LOVE living in Denmark, Kwoorabup Country, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia …where the forest meets the sea and where there are more rainbows than...

            most other places anywhere. 

Come and join me, it's a special place to celebrate...

I possess some handy personal qualities … like being cool and calm in a crisis; having energy and wisdom, creativity and emotional balance, I offer friendship, love, joy, I have patience, intuition and loyalty...these all contribute to me being the best celebrant I can be.

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